Eternal Returns creates waves in UK

When Eternal Returns, a four-member band from Thane launched their first single, Garoul (French word for werewolf), on iTunes in September 2013, they didn’t imagine they would reach the semi-finals of TBFM Online (previously known as Total Biker FM), an online battle of the bands (worldwide) organised by one of UK’s biggest radio stations.

“I met Jefin Johnson (the band’s guitarist) when I was part of a band called Ingenious in 2007. We spent the next two years composing music. In 2011, we formed Eternal Returns with the rest of the members, who we met through common friends,” says vocalist Narendra Patel. The band also features drummer Pawan Sharma and bassist Harsh Makwana “We called our first single Garoul, because Pawan was obsessed with werewolves and I had promised him that we would work out a song about them,” reveals Patel, adding that the song has been aired on Radio City Freedom (India), HeadbangersFM (Netherlands) Metal, Messiah Radio (worldwide) Metal Syndicate Radio (Canada) Midlands Metal Heads (UK) and the Wolfman Radio (UK).

The band reserved its place in the top 100 from among 408 bands from 26 countries. This also marks the first time that an Indian band has been selected for the battle. The semi-finals will begin on March 29 and based on listener and jury votes, the shortlisted bands will make it to the final five. “We entered the contest last year and didn’t hear from them. Three months ago, we were told that we have qualified,” shares Patel. “All of us have a day job. I am an IT professional while another works night shifts for a call centre. We try to jam for at least three hours every week. The dates of the finals haven’t been announced but we are hoping people vote for us,” Patel concludes.

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