Album reviewed by Metal Heads Forever Magazine

A solid 8.2 rating out of 10 We couldn't thank you all enough for appreciating our debut album. Overwhelming at times but really glad it's been loved.

Thank you Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine - Official This is what Keith had to say about the album

The boys from Western India, Thane Maharashtra, came loud this year with their release of “Reprieved To Totality” India is not new to Metal, and there is a big scene and cult following the heavy metal scene since the inception of Metal in the World. Eternal Returns is no exception at all. The boys are musically intelligent, great song writers. “Reprieved To Totality” talks about it all.

The album is powerful, beautifully engineered and strong vocals of Narendra added the perfection to the album. The boys are sure going to rock India and get the attention globally.

Album - 8/10 Cover Art - 7.5/10 Songwriting - 9/10

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