Album reviewed by New Noise Magazine USA

Check out this wonderful review of our band @eternalreturns debut album #reprievedtototality by @newnoisemagazine USA

'That loud boom from Thane, Maharashtra, India wasn’t an earthquake it was death metal heathens, Eternal Returns, plugging in and jamming their near 28-minute opus, Reprieved To Totality. The band was kind enough to post it on YouTube for you and the world to check out. And if you don’t, you’re missing out on something special.

Musically speaking, Reprieved To Totality is above average death metal. I’ve said this in the past when it comes to this genre, it takes quite a bit to get my attention and Eternal Returns, who have been perfecting this wall of metal for the last seven years, did it, they hooked me, I dug it.

This isn’t standard chug and blast beat, This is Eternal Returns swimming through various metal styles and fusing it together through a very focused lens of death metal that’s uniquely them. Eternal Returns most certainly have their own style and that’s saying quite a lot about them in this day and age of cut and paste.

What I hear predominantly on Reprieved To Totality, is a a band well versed in the art of blackened death. “Bull of Minos,” is a rager, and tight as hell. the same goes for “Salamander the Sorcerer” which is, without doubt, the best track on this record and, the most brutal. The vokills are undead glory while the music is a wrecking ball of pure madness. The band takes a lot of risk by opening up like this but walk away winners. The aggression factor is amped up to “11.”

I really enjoyed Reprieved To Totality. I’m hoping this is the start of something bigger for Eternal Returns. If I have any kind of criticism: Don’t wait another seven years to put something out. Support this band immediately, they’ve earned it.'

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