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Metal Music has always been part of our life's. It has helped us in our tough times but not necessarily everyone thinks the same about the genre. We are small passionate fans who go all in for this Music. Metal was always meant to be underground but some exceptions are important. Here is our story of the lockdown. We are featured on today's Nationwide Hindustan Times

Reprieved To Totality was recorded during the lockdown. This lockdown was an emotional and mental turmoil. At one point we literally had to smuggle the guitar in studio to record Salamander The Sorcerer. We jammed virtually but reamending the lines. The record only took life at Studio 604, Thane and we couldnt thank them enough. Also, not to forget TuneUp Studio. We want to take a moment and thank Kartik, Angad, Kevin Paradis and Adit for all their support. Right from general queries about recording, mixing, mastering to going out of the way And finally we want to thank Rachel and Riddhi from HT for this article.

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