Rolling Stone India Reviews and gives our album ★★★½ out of ★★★★★

Eternal Returns – Reprieved To Totality ★★★½ Thane metal band Eternal Returns scale dizzying heights when it comes to brutality on their new record Reprieved To Totality. As someone who have absorbed a lot of different styles (and speeds) of metal into their own songwriting, it’s no surprise to see them pack it all into five tracks across 27 minutes. The shortest track on the record is the four-minute death metal melee “Misaba,” which makes it statement well enough – complete with vocalist Narendra Patel’s puerile growls. “Dreaded Chains of Obscurity” and “The Bull of Minos” tread a longer, totally intense path but Eternal Returns regularly switch into foreboding intros on tracks like “Salamander the Sorcerer” to keep things suitably grim. “The Rise of Shoukoma” is also telling of just how much the band has polished their studio craft, delivering cutthroat metal that supersedes all their previous singles. The bar is now set high.

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